VR Advanced Touchless Triggers for VR – Asset Store

This is an advanced trigger project in which you will be able to call you functions by: 1. Covering the webcam / Android Camera. 2. Voice trigger. 3. Loading bar.The demo scene is prepared to use three of the triggers by pointing at each of the cubes with the headset. Voice trigger is based on the mean value of the noise level obtainer from the microphone, while the camera trigger, obtains the mean color value of the image (webcam texture).***********************New! Try or apk for free!:download apk***********************This package contains the following:——————————————————The necessary FBX, textures, models, scripts shown in the “apk”. This includes the cool skybox!-Scripts manage the triggers (all-in-one script!).-A similar scene to the demo googleVR scene to start building your game from scratch.-Complete documentation to understand the principles of each package and full email support at: michael.soler.beatty@gmail.com.-Please check our Videos for m

Source: VR Advanced Touchless Triggers for VR – Asset Store


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