VR Body – Asset Store

Add a virtual body / avatar to your VR project! This is for mobile VR such as Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Daydream, etc. This is *NOT* for VR solutions that have head tracking like Vive or Rift.- Moves and rotates a virtual body with the camera so the body position matches the actual player’s body movements in real life.- Moves the camera’s position based on where the user is looking. Our eyeballs do not remain at “center-of-skull” when we rotate our head. If 0,0,0 was the top of our spine, our eyeballs are offset by some distance from 0,0,0, perhaps 2 or 3 inches. This eye movement is replicated by moving the camera respectively.- Easy to use, well documented, video tutorials, responsive developer, strong community!* Works with Unity 5.0-5.6 *

Source: VR Body – Asset Store


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