VR gallery concept – Asset Store

This is a VR application that creates two different image gallery. The first image gallery displays three images and an interactive menu to move between all the pictures. The second gallery generates a nxm matrix of pictures in the scene and the user can move between them using the headset. All selections are made using a loading bar. A button layout menu is also ready for use (actions are just based on creating a debug.Log). ************New************ Test out apk download apk*****************************This package contains the following:——————————————————The necessary FBX, textures, models, scripts shown in the video.-Scripts manage the interaction with the pictures and gallery generation.-Two different gallery types in separated scenes.-Complete documentation/video tutorial to understand the principles of each package and full email support at: michael.soler.beatty@gmail.com.This package needs the following——————————————-

Source: VR gallery concept – Asset Store


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